Carnegie Mellon University


The LTI's degree programs draw from a common set of courses and core skills, but emphasize different types of expertise that prepare you for a wide range of career options. All of our programs provide the hands-on experience and rigorous curriculum that are the hallmark of computer science at Carnegie Mellon.

Program Types

PhD Programs

Prepare yourself for a career at the top of your field in academia or industry with our traditional, research-focused Ph.D. programs

Masters Programs

Learn the cutting-edge techniques you'll need to make an immediate impact in the world of industry with our professional master's programs, specifically tailored to training the scientists that will solve today's most pressing challenges

Undergraduate Concentration

Study under the LTI's world-renowned expert faculty and supplement your School of Computer Science undergraduate degree with a concentration in human language technologies

The LTI Difference

Students at the Language Technologies Institute benefit from being at the nexus of a history of pioneering world-changing innovations, a present built on cross-disciplinary collaboration, and a commitment to creating a better world for our future. Our visionary faculty teach the skills and ways of thinking needed to deliver on that promise, while also fostering an environment that's collegial, supportive, and human-centered.