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The Ph.D. degree is the highest form of academic accomplishment. The Ph.D. dissertations below present some of the most advanced research being done at the time of their publication.


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Maria Joana Correia Raj, Trancoso In-the-wild detection of speech affecting diseases Research Scientist, Spotify
Kartik Goyal Dyer Characterizing and Overcoming the Limitations of Neural Autoregressive Models Research Assistant Professor, Toyota Technological Institute of Chicago
Hiroaki Hayashi Neubig Neural Aspect-based Text Generation Researcher, Salesforce
Junjie Hu Neubig Leveraging Word and Phrase Alignments for Multilingual Learning Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Po Yao Huang Hauptmann Towards Multilingual Vision-Language Models Research Scientist, Facebook AI
Harsh Jhamtani Berg-Kirkpatrick Grounded Natural Language Generation via Interpretable Hierarchical Operations Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research
Yohan Jo Hovy Toward Computational Argumentation with Reasoning and Knowledge Applied Scientist, Amazon
Guokun Lai Yang Neural Sequential Modeling and Applications Research Scientist, Bytedance
Junwei Liang Hauptmann From Recognition to Prediction: Analysis of Human Action and Trajectory Prediction in Video Computer Vision Researcher, Tencent
Paul Michel Neubig Learning Neural Models for Natural Language Processing in the Face of Distributional Shift Laplace Post-Doctoral Chair, Ecole Normale Superieure
Shrimai Prabhumoye Black, Salakhutdinov Controllable Text Generation And Ethical Implications
Hugo Patinho Rodrigues Nyberg, Coheur Learning Semantic Patterns for Question Generation Software Engineer at technologies
Qinlan Shen Rosé Evaluating and Recontextualizing the Social Impacts of Moderating Online Discussions Research Scientist, Oracle Labs
Zirui (Edward) Wang Tsvetkov, Strubell Mitigating Negative Transfer for Better Generalization and Efficiency in Transfer Learning Research Scientist, Google
Pengcheng Yin Neubig Learning Structured Neural Semantic Parsers Research Scientist, Google Research
Michael Miller Yoder Rosé Computational Models of Identity Presentation in Language Postdoctoral Researcher, Collaboratory Against Hate & Center for Informed Democracy and Social-cybersecurity, CMU


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Joseph Chang Kittur Supporting Global Context under Evolving User Intents during Data Exploration CMU Post-Doc - Center for Knowledge Acceleration.
Wei-Cheng Chang Yang Learning with Kernals at Scale and Applications in Generative Modeling Applied Scientist, Amazon Search
Zhuyun Dai Callan Neural Matching and Importance Learning in Information Retrieval Software Engineer, Google
Zihang Dai Yang Improving Deep Generative Modeling with Practical Applications Researcher, Google
Bhuwan Dhingra Cohen, Salakhutdinov End-to-End Learning with Text and Knowledge Bases Duke University - Professor
Jesse Dodge Smith Towards Efficient and Reproducible Natural Language Processing University of Washington - Research Staff
Dongyeop Kang Hovy Linguistically Informed Language Generation: A Multi-faceted Approach UC Berkeley - Post Doc
Xuezhe Ma Hovy Neural Networks for Linguistic Structured Prediction and Their Interpretability University of Southern California - Research Faculty - Dept ISI
Elijah Mayfield Black Defensible Explanations for Algorithmic Decisions about Writing in Education LightSide Labs
Daniel Schwartz Mitchell Using Multitask Learning to Understand Language Processing in the Brain Applied Scientist, Microsoft
John Wieting Berg-Kirkpatrick, Neubig Learning and Applications of Paraphrastic Representations for Natural Language Researcher, Google
Yuexin Wu Yang Learning with Graph Structures and Neural Networks Researcher, Google


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Pradeep Dasigi Hovy Knowledge-Aware Natural Language Understanding Research Scientist Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Ting-Hao (Kenneth) Huang Bigham A Crowd-Powered Conversational Assistant that Automates Itself Over Time Asst. Professor, Penn State
Austin Matthews Dyer Linguistic Knowledge for Neural Language Generation and Machine Translation Unbabel, Pittsburgh
Pedro Mota Eskenazi, Coheur BeamSeg: a Joint Model for Multi-Document Segmentation and Topic Identification inesc id, Lisboa
Swabha Swayamdipta Smith, Dyer Syntactic Inductive Biases for Natural Language Processing Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
Samuel Thomson Smith Encoding and Decoding Graph Representations of Natural Language Researcher at Semantic Machines
Di Wang Nyberg Example-Driven Question Answering CTO, Wooboo, Inc.
Ruochen Xu Yang Learning Cross-language and Cross-style Mappings with Limited Supervision Researcher at Microsoft Redmond
Diyi Yang Kraut, Hovy Computational Social Roles Post-Doc, Google, Fall 2019 - Assistant Professor Georgia Tech.
Zhilin Yang Salakhutdinov, Cohen Advances in Generative Feature Learning Start up
Ran Zhao Rudnicky, Black Socially-Aware Dialogue System Bain & Company, Asia
Tiancheng (Tony) Zhao Eskenazi Learning to Converse with Latent Actions CEO, Scientist - ConvMind


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Jun Araki Mitamura Extraction of Event Structures from Text Senior Research Scientist at Bosch Research
Pallavi Baljekar Black Speech Synthesis from Found Data
Leonid Boytsov Nyberg Efficient and Accurate Non-Metric k-NN Search with Applications to Text Matching Research Scientist at 3M/M*Modal
Xinlei Chen Gupta Visual Knowledge Learning Research Scientist at Facebook
Justin Chiu Rudnicky Features for Search and Understanding of Noisy Conversational Speech Research Engineer at Avrio AI
Rui Correia Eskenazi, Mamede Automatic Classification of Metadiscourse inesc id, Lisboa
Jeffrey Flanigan Carbonell Parsing and Generation for the Abstract Meaning Representation Post-Doc, UMass - Fall 19 - Asst. Professor, UC Santa Cruz
Andrew Hsi Yang, Carbonell Event Extraction for Document-Level Structured Summarization Software Engineer at Bloomberg LP
Rose Kanjirathinkal Cohen Explainable Recommendations Research Scientist, Facebook
Yubin Kim Callan Robust Selective Search Senior Data Scientist, UPMC Enterprises
Anurag Kumar Raj Acoustic Intelligence in Machines Research Scientist, Facebook
Hanxiao Liu Yang Large-Scale Machine Learning over Graphs Research Scientist, Google
Seungwhan Moon Carbonell Proactive Transfer Learning Research Scientist, Facebook
Keerthiram Murugesan Carbonell Online and Adaptive Methods for Multitask Learning Research Scientist at IBM T.J. Watson Research Ctr.
Yun Wang Metze Polyphonic Sound Event Detection with Weak Labeling Research Scientist, Facebook
Chenyan Xiong Callan Text Representation, Retrieval, and Understanding with Knowledge Graphs Research Scientist at Microsoft Research & AI
Guoqing Zheng Yang, Carbonell Empowering Probabilistic Inference with Stochastic Deep Neural Networks Research Scientist at Microsoft Research


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Hyeju Jang Rosé Computational Modeling of Metaphor in Discourse Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of British Columbia
Sujay Kumar Jauhar Hovy A Relation-Centric View of Semantic Representational Learning Research Scientist, Microsoft Research
Lu Jiang Mitamura Web-scale Multimedia Search for Internet Video Content Google Research
Lingpeng Kong Smith, Dyer Neural Representation Learning in Linguistic Structured Prediction Research Scientist, Google DeepMind
Zhen-Zhong Lan Hauptmann Towards Usable Multimedia Event Detection Computer Vision Researcher, WiZR
Rui Liu Nyberg A Phased Ranking Model for Information Systems Amazon
Zhou Yu Black Situated Intelligent Interactive Systems Assistant Professor, UC Davis

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