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The Ph.D. degree is the highest form of academic accomplishment. The Ph.D. dissertations below present some of the most advanced research being done at the time of their publication.


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
James Fiacco Rosé Functional Components as a Paradigm for Neural Model Explainability


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Chaitanya Ahuja Morency Communication Beyond Words: Grounding Visual Body Motion with Language Researcher, Meta
Prakhar Gupta Bigham Improving Reliability in Dialogue Systems Research Scientist, Google
Sachin Kumar Tsvetkov Optimization Methods For Modeling Diversity In Language Technologies Post-Doc AI2, Asst Professor, Ohio State University
Juncheng Billy Li Metze Towards Robust Large-scale Audio/Visual Learning Quantitative Researcher, Two Sigma Investment
Xinjian Li Watanabe, Black Low-Resource Speech Recognition for Thousands of Languages Research Scientist, Google
Kaixin Ma Nyberg Hybrid Knowledge Architectures for Question Answering NLP Researcher, Tencent AI Lab
Salvador Bedredín Medina Maza Hauptmann Talking us into the Metaverse: Towards Realistic Streaming Speech-to-Face Animation Research Scientist, Epic Games
Sanket Vaibhav Mehta Strubell Efficient Lifelong Learning in Deep Neural Networks: Optimizing Architecture, Training, and Data Research Scientist, Google
Chirag Nagpal Dubrawski Leveraging Heterogeneity in Time-to-Event Predictions Research Scientist, Google
Raphaël Olivier Raj Assessing and enhancing adversarial robustness in context and applications to speech security
Naoki Otani Hovy Leveraging Eventuality-Centric Implicit Knowledge for Natural Language Understanding Research Scientist, Megagon Labs
Hai Pham Póczos, Woodruff  Towards Efficient and Scalable Representation Learning Technical Staff, Reka AI
Torsten Wörtwein Morency Towards Improving Transparency in Multimodal Affect Perception Multimodal AI/ML Engineer, ETS
Donghan Yu Yang Leveraging Textual Semantics for Knowledge Graph Acquisition and Application Senior Researcher, Microsoft
Shikun Zhang Sadeh Understanding People’s Diverse Privacy Attitudes: Notification, Control, and Regulatory Implications TikTok
Zhisong Zhang Hovy, Strubell Exploring Language Structured Prediction in Resource-limited Scenarios
Zhong Zhou Waibel Massively Multilingual Text Translation for Low-Resource Languages


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Khyathi Raghavi Chandu Black Effective Anchoring of Multiview Narrative Generation Research Scientist, Meta AI
Aditi Swanand Chaudhary Neubig Automatic Extraction and Application of Language Descriptions for Under-Resourced Languages Researcher, Google Research
Volkan Cirik Morency, Berg-Kirkpatrick Understanding Language Referring To The VisualWorld Research Scientist, ASAPP
Siddharth Dalmia Metze, Black Exploiting Compositionality in Sequence Models Research Scientist, Google
Anjalie Field Tsvetkov Integrating Language Technologies and Social Theories Post-Doctoral Fellow - Stanford University
Jonathan Francis Nyberg, Oh Knowledge-enhanced Representation Learning for Multiview Context Understanding Research Scientist, Bosch
Varun Gangal Hovy A Suite of Low-Data Generation Settings Necessitating Interventions on End-to-End NLG Models Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in the School of Computing at Clemson University (SC)
Junxian He Neubig, Berg-Kirkpatrick Towards Efficient Natural Language Generation Tenure Track Asst. Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Ting-Yao Hu Hauptmann Disentangled Representations beyond Vectors for Multimedia Content Researcher, Apple Inc.
Divyansh Kaushik Lipton, Hovy Robustifying NLP with Humans in the Loop Associate Director for Emerging Technologies & National Security Policy, Federation of American Scientists
Xiang Kong Hovy Towards Efficient Neural Machine Translation Machine Learning Researcher, Apple
Shikib (Ahmad) Mehri Eskenazi Towards Generalization in Dialog through Inductive Biases Applied Scientist II - Amazon (Sunnyvale)
Aakanksha Naik Rosé Adapting to the Long Tail in Language Understanding Research Scientist, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Shruti Palaskar Metze, Black Multimodal Learning from Videos: Exploring Models and Task Complexities Research Scientist, Apple
Hy Hieu Pham Yang, Le Reducing the Costs to Design, Train, and Collect Data for Neural Networks with Combinatorial Optimization
Dheeraj Rajagopal Hovy Explanations for Natural Language: From Theory to Practice Researcher, Google (Seattle)
Sai Krishna Rallabandi Black De-Entanglement: A Framework towards building Ubiquitous speech technologies Fidelity
Shruti Rijhwani Neubig Improving Optical Character Recognition for Endangered Languages Research Scientist, Google
Maria Ryskina Gormley, Hovy Learning Computational Models of Non­ Standard Language Post-Doctoral Associate, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT
Evangelia Spiliopoulou Hovy Modeling Event Implications via Multi-faceted Entity Representations Applied Scientist, AWS AI Amazon
Xinyi (Cindy) Wang Neubig Data Efficient Multilingual Natural Language Processing Research Scientist, Google
Chunting Zhou Neubig Mitigating Semantic and Distributional Discrepancies in Natural Language Processing Research Scientist, Meta AI

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