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The Ph.D. degree is the highest form of academic accomplishment. The Ph.D. dissertations below present some of the most advanced research being done at the time of their publication.


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Waleed Ammar Dyer, Smith Towards a Universal Analyzer of Natural Languages Research Scientist, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Yun-Nung (Vivian) Chen Rudnicky, Gershman Unsupervised Learning and Modeling of Knowledge and Intent for Spoken Dialogue Systems Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University
Manaal Faruqui Dyer Diverse Context for Learning Word Representations Google Research, NY
Steven Gardiner Tomasic Crowed-Sourced Wrapper Construction with End Users Post-Doctoral Research, CMU, Pittsburgh, PA
Yajie Miao Metze Incorporating Context Information into Deep Neural Network Acoustic Models
Prasanna Kumar Muthukumar Black Towards Integrated Acoustic Models for Speech Synthesis BBN Technologies, Cambridge, MA
Udhyakumar Nallasamy Metze, Schultz Adaptation techniques to improve ASR performance on accented speakers Apple, CA
Yan Chuan Sim Smith Text as Strategic Choice Institute for Infocomm Research (I2R)
Sunayana Sitaram Black Pronunciation Modeling for Synthesis of Low Resource Languages Microsoft Research, India
Ming Sun Rudnicky Adapting Spoken Dialog Systems Towards Domains and Users Disney Research, Pittsburgh, PA
Yulia Tsvetkov Dyer Linguistic Knowledge in Data-Driven Natural Language Processing Assistant Professor, Language Technologies Institute (Beginning Fall 2017)
Yi-Chia Wang Kraut Modeling Self-Disclosure in Social Networking Sites Research Scientist at Uber AI
William Yang Wang Cohen Learning to Reason with a Scalable Probabilistic Logic Asst. Professor, UC Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
Miaomiao Wen Rosé Investigating Virtual Teams in Massive Open Online Courses: Deliberation-based Virtual Team Formation, Discussion Mining and Sup Coursera
Derry Tanti Wijaya Mitchell VerbKB: A Knowledge Base of Verbs for Natural Language Understanding Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania
Shoou-I Yu Hauptmann Surveillance Video Analysis with External Knowledge and Internal Constraints Oculus


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
David Bamman Smith People-Centric Natural Language Processing Faculty, University of California Berkeley
Jonathan Clark Lavie Locally Non-Linear Learning via Feature Induction and Structured Regularization in Statistical Machine Translation Microsoft Corporation
Bhavana Dalvi Cohen, Callan Constrained Semi-supervised Learning in the Presence of Unanticipated Classes Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Michael Denkowski Lavie Machine Translation for Human Translators Safaba
Matthew Gardner Mitchell Reading and Reasoning with Knowledge Graphs Research Scientist, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Meghana Kshirsagar Carbonell Combine and conquer: methods for multitask learning in biology and language Yahoo! NYC
Wang Ling Black, Dyer Machine Translation 4 Microblogs Research Scientist, Google DeepMind
Matthew Marge Rudnicky Miscommunication Detection and Recovery for Spoken Dialogue Systems in Physically Situated Contexts ARL Army Research Lab
Luis Marujo Gershman, Carbonell, Matos, Neto Event-based Multi-document Summarization Research Scientist, Snapchat
Joao Miranda Black, Neto, Coheur Combining multiple parallel streams for improved speech processing INESC-ID
Subhodeep Moitra Langmead Feature Learning and Graphical Models for Protein Sequences Google Inc.
Agha Ali Raza Rosenfeld Viral Entertainment as a Vehicle for Disseminating Core Development Services Assistant Professor, Information Technology University, Punjab, Pakistan
Hideki Shima Mitamura Paraphrase Pattern Acquisition by Diversifiable Bootstrapping Duolingo
Reyyan Yeniterzi Callan Effective and Efficient Approaches to Retrieving and Using Expertise in Social Media Assistant Professor, Ozyegin University
Dani Yogatama Smith Sparse Models of Natural Language Text Research Scientist, Google DeepMind


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Siddharth Gopal Yang Large-scale Structured Learning Google Inc.
Aasish Pappu Rudnicky Knowledge Discovery Through Spoken Dialog Yahoo Inc.
Nathan Schneider Smith Lexical Semantic Analysis in Natural Language Text Postdoc, University of Edinburgh


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Gopala Krishna Anumanchipalli Black, Oliveira Intra-Lingual and Cross-Lingual Prosody Modelling Postdoc, University of California San Francisco
Sivaraman Balakrishnan Carbonell Finding and Leveraging Structure in Learning Problems Postdoc, University of California Berkeley
Ramnath Balasubramanyan Cohen Specifying Latent Structure Characteristics in Mixed-membership Models Twitter, Inc.
Sourish Chaudhuri Raj Structured Models for Semantic Analysis of Audio Content Google Inc.
Sourish Chaudhuri Hauptmann Structured Models for Semantic Analysis of Audio Content Google Inc.
Jose Pablo Gonzalez-Brenes Mostow What and When Do Students Learn? Methods For Knowledge Tracing With Data-Driven Mapping of Items to Skills Pearson Research Network
Kenneth Heafield Lavie Efficient Language Modeling Algorithms with Applications to Statistical Machine Translation Postdoc, Stanford University
Mahesh Joshi Rosé Multi-Domain Learning: Analysis, and Methods for Multi-Attribute Domains eBay Inc.
Anagha Kulkarni Callan Efficient and Effective Large-scale Search Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University
Mohit Kumar Carbonell, Rudnicky Extending Active Learning for Improved Long-Term Return on Investment of Learning Systems, India
Alok Parlikar Black Style-Specific Phrasing in Speech Synthesis, Inc.
Kriti Puniyani Xing Spatiotemporal Gene Networks from ISH Images Google Inc.
Long Qin Rudnicky Learning Out-of-Vocabulary Words in Automatic Speech Recognition Duolingo
Pradipta Ray Xing, Hinman Computational Methods for Analyzing the Architecture and Evolution of the Regulatory Genome Postdoc, University of Texas Center for Systems Biology
Konstantin Salomatin Yang Large-scale Hierarchical Optimization for Online Advertising and Wind Farm Planning Twitter, Inc.
Narges Sharif Razavian Langmead Continuous Graphical Models for Static and Dynamic Distributions: Application to Structural Biology Postdoc, New York University
Selen Uguroglu Carbonell Robust Learning with Highly Skewed Category Distributions Apple Inc.
Guang Xiang Hong, Rosé Toward a Phish Free World: A Feature-type-aware Cascade Learning Framework for Phish Detection Twitter, Inc.
Tae Yano Smith, Cohen Text as Actuator: Text-Driven Response Modeling and Prediction in Politics Microsoft Corporation


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Vamshi Ambati Carbonell, Vogel Active Learning and Crowdsourcing for Machine Translation in Low Resource Scenarios Base CRM
Shilpa Arora Nyberg Minimizing the Costs in Generalized Interactive Annotation Learning Google Inc.
Nguyen Bach Waibel, Vogel Dependency Structures for Statistical Machine Translation Microsoft Corporation
Wei Chen Mostow Detecting Off-Task Speech Google Inc.
Dipanjan Das Smith Semi-Supervised and Latent-Variable Models of Natural Language Semantics Google Inc.
Kevin Gimpel Smith Discriminative Feature-Rich Modeling for Syntax-Based Machine Translation Toyota Technological Institute
Abhay Harpale Yang Multi-Task Active Learning GE Global Research
Sanjika Hewavitharana Vogel Detecting Translational Equivalences in Comparable Corpora BBN Technologies
Wend-Huu (Roger) Hsiao Schultz Generalized Discriminative Training for Speech Recognition
Ni Lao Cohen Efficient Random Walk Inference with Knowledge Bases Airbnb
Frank Lin Cohen Scalable Methods for Graph-Based Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Learning
Andre F. T. Martins Smith, Xing, Figueiredo, Aguiar The Geometry of Constrained Structured Prediction Applications to Inference and Learning of Natural Language Syntax Priberam Labs
Manas Pathak Raj Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning for Speech Processing Walmart Labs
Aaron Phillips Brown Modeling Relevance in Statistical Machine Translation Scoring Alignment, Context, and Annotations of Translation Instances Google Inc.
Nico Schlaefer Nyberg Statistical Source Expansion for Question Answering Citadel Investment Group
Mehrbod Sharifi Carbonell, Fink Interpretation of User Comments for Detection of Malicious Websites Google Inc.
Ravi Starzl Carbonell Computational Modeling of Immune Signals Faculty, LTI CMU
Le Zhao Callan Modeling and Solving Term Mismatch for Full-Text Retrieval Google Inc.

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