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The Ph.D. degree is the highest form of academic accomplishment. The Ph.D. dissertations below present some of the most advanced research being done at the time of their publication.


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Amr Ahmed Xing Modeling Content and Users: Structured Probabilistic Representation and Scalable Online Inference Algorithms Google Inc.
Jaime Arguello Callan Federated Search in Heterogenous Environments Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Kai-Min Kevin Chang Just, Mitchell Quantitative Modeling of the Neural Representation of Nouns and Phrases Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.
Shay Cohen Smith Computational Learning of Probabilistic Grammars in the Unsupervised Setting Chancellor's Fellow, University of Edinburgh
Jonathan Elsas Carbonell Leveraging Collection Structure in Information Retrieval with Applications to Search in Conversational Social Media Google Inc.
Rashmi Gangadharaiah Carbonell, Brown Coping with Data-sparsity in Example-Based Machine Translation IBM Corporation, Bangalore
Michael Heilman Smith Automatic Factual Question Generation from Text ETS
David Huggins-Daines Rudnicky An Architecture for Scalable, Universal Speech Recognition Nuance Communications
Jae Dong Kim Carbonell, Brown Chunk Alignment for Corpus-Based Machine Translation Google Inc.
Rohit Kumar Rosé Socially Capable Conversational Agents for Multi-Party Interactive Situations BBN Technologies
Abhimanyu Lad Yang A Framework for Evaluation and Optimization of Relevance and Novelty-based Retrieval LinkedIn Corporation
Kornel Laskowski Stern Predicting, Detecting, and Explaining the Occurrence of Vocal Activity in Multi-Party Conversation Voci Technologies
Tien-Ho Lin Bar-Joseph Learning Cellular Sorting Pathways Using Protein Interactions and Sequence Motifs Google Inc.
Oznur Tastan Klein-Seetharaman, Carbonell Prediction of Host-Virus Protein-Protein Interactions Microsoft Corporation
Hui (Grace) Yang Callan Personalized Concept Hierarchy Construction Assistant Professor, Georgetown University
Andreas Zollmann Vogel Learning Multiple-Nonterminal Synchronous Grammars for Statistical Machine Translation zollsoft GmbH


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Satanjeev Banerjee Rudnicky Extracting and Using Implicit Supervision to Automatically Improve Meeting-Understanding Twitter, Inc.
Ming-Yu Chen Hauptmann Long Term Activity Analysis in Surveillance Video Archives Microsoft Corporation
Pinar Donmez Carbonell Proactive Learning: Towards Learning with Multiple Imperfect Predictors Yahoo Research
Lingyun Gu Stern Single-Channel Speech Separation Based on Instantaneous Frequency California Institute of Technology
Yifen Huang Mitchell Mixed-Initiative Clustering Google Inc.
Chanwoo Kim Stern Signal Processing for Robust Speech Recognition Motivated by Auditory Processing Microsoft Corporation
Brian Langner Black Data-driven Natural Language Generation Making Machines Talk Like Humans Using Natural Corpora
Yung-Hui Li Savvides Robust Long Range Iris Recognition from Video Using Super Resolution Assistant Professor, Feng Chia University (Taiwan)
Paul Ogilvie Callan Retrieval Using Document Structure and Annotations LinkedIn Corporation
Kishore Prahallad Black Automatic Building of Synthetic Voices using Audio Books Assistant Professor IIIT, Hyderabad
Alicia Tribble Fahlman Textual Inference for Retrieving Labeled Object Descriptions Alelo (Los Angeles) - Artificial Intelligence for Education
Shinjae Yoo Yang Machine Learning Methods for Personalized Email Prioritization Computational Science Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Matthew Bilotti Nyberg Linguistic and Semantic Passage Retrieval Strategies for Question Answering Twitter, Inc.
John Kominek Black TTS From Zero: Building Synthetic Voices for New Languages Silicon Vox Corporation
Einat Minkov Cohen Adaptive Graph Walk Based Similarity Measures in Entity-Relation Graphs Nokia Research Labs
Christian Monson Carbonell, Lavie Paramor From Paradigm Structure to Natural Language Morphology Induction Postdoc, Center for Spoken Language Understanding, Oregon Health and Science University
Hyaejin (Jean) Oh Smith Multiagent Social Learning in Large Repeated Games Postdoc, CMU RI
Vasco Pedro Carbonell Federated Ontology Search
Jade Goldstein Stewart Carbonell Genre Oriented Summarization U.S. Government
Yik-Cheung (Wilson) Tam Schultz Rapid Unsupervised Topic Adaptation - A Latent Semantic Approach Nuance Communications Inc.
Arthur Toth Black Using Articulatory Position Data to Improve Voice Transformation Yap Inc.
Ashish Venugopal Vogel Preference Grammars and Decoding Algorithms for Probabilistic Synchronous Context Free Grammar Based Translation Google Inc.
Richard Wang Cohen Language-Independent Class Instance Extraction Using the Web Google Inc.
Wen Wu J. Yang Multimedia Technologies for Landmark-Based Vehicle Navigation Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton NJ
Jun Yang Hauptmann A General Framework for Classifier Adaptation and its Applications in Multimedia Google Inc.
Ying Zhang Vogel Structured Language Models for Statistical Machine Translation Faculty, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Vitor R. Carvalho Cohen Modeling Intention in E-Mail Microsoft Live Labs
Ananlada Chotimongkol Rudnicky Learning the Structure of Task-Oriented Conversations from the Corpus of In-Domain Dialogs Assistant Researcher, NECTEC (Thailand)
Kevyn Collins-Thompson Callan Robust Model Estimation Methods for Information Retrieval Microsoft Corporation
Szu-Chen Stan Jou Schultz, Waibel Automatic Speech Recognition on Vibrocervigraphic and Electromyographic Signals
Wei-Hao Lin Hauptmann Identifying Ideological Perspectives in Text and Video Google Inc.
Yanjun Qi Bar-Joseph, Klein-Seetharaman Learning of Protein Interaction Networks NEC Laboratories America, Inc.
Antoine Raux Eskenazi Flexible Turn-Taking for Spoken Dialog Systems Honda Research Institute


Graduate Advisor(s) Dissertation Employer Upon Graduation
Ulas Bardak Carbonell Information Eliciation in Scheduling Problems
Ariadna Font-Llitjos Carbonell Automatic Improvement of Machine Translation Systems Vivisimo, Inc.
Madhavi Ganapathiraju Klein-Seetharaman, Reddy Application of Language Technologies in Biology: Feature Extraction and Modeling for Transmembrane Helix Prediction Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh
Qin Jin Schultz, Waibel Robust Speaker Recognition Postdoc, CMU Language Technologies Institute
Jeongwoo Ko Nyberg Probabilistic Approaches for Answer Selection in Multilingual Question Answering Oracle Corporation
Fan Li Yang Structure Learning with Large Sparse Undirected Graphs and its Applications Yahoo Research
Jie Lu Callan Full-Text Federated Search in Peer-to-Peer Networks IBM Corporation
Stefanie Tomko Rosenfeld Improving User Interaction with Spoken Dialog Systems via Shaping Microsoft Corporation
Rong Zhang Rudnicky Making an Effective Use of Speech Data for Acoustic Modeling IBM Systems and Technology Group
Bing Zhao Waibel Statistical Alignment Models for Translational Equivalence IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

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